Welcome to ROTOR F/X LLC, where we as an unrelated family of pilots, instructors, technicians, service and support personnel thoroughly enjoy the privilege of flight every day.We truly invite you to participate in the magic of flight and allow us to assist you with the services and products that we provide to enhance that experience. The amazing wealth of knowledge and expertise that is at your disposal is entirely due to the absolutely incredible people who enthusiastically make ROTOR F/X their second home every day.

Aerial Seightseeing Tours

When you visit Los Angeles this is the absolute ultimate way to experience the vast and amazing City of Angels. In one breathtaking experience you'll get a taste of all Los Angeles has to offer so bring your camera as you'll have stunning photo that you cannot ... read more

Flight Training

Our expert and highly experienced instructors will guide you through your training from complete beginner to professional career pilot with a focus on quality or training and safety of operations. Our range of programs and classes allow for training ... read more

Aircraft Maintenance & Shipping

You'll be thrilled with our expert helicopter MRO services including all experimental and ultralight aircraft whether rotorcraft or fixed wing. Whether you need regular scheduled maintenance, an engine overhaul, annual inspection repair ... read more

  • Helicopter Tours
    Helicopter Tours You'll safely fly in the experienced hands of our professional pilots who have flown these routes thousands of times since 1992 while you enjoy the exclusive use of the aircraft.
  • Airpalne Tours
    Airpalne Tours From the air you'll see everything there is to see starting with the major film and television studios and then on to Hollywood, Beverly Hills and the beaches of Santa Monica and Malibu.
  • Flight Training
    Personal To Professional Flight Training We are here to serve you and provide you the very best trainig experience possible. We maintain long business hours seven days a week and encourage you to make the most of all.
  • Specialty Courses
    Specialty Courses There are three main reasons why one would take a specialty course of training in the flying industry. The first is regulatory, the second is career positioning and third is SAFETY.
  • Aircraft Rentals
    Aircraft Rentals Rotor F/X will provide you almost any type of rotorcraft for your next production or event. Just let us know what model you need, where and when and we'll take care of the rest.
  • MRO
    Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul - MRO At ROTOR F/X our aircraft are meticulously maintained to the very highest standards by a professional team led by a factory trained 35 year career helicopter A&P and IA.

Learning to fly can be one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of your life.
It can open a whole new world of opportunity and pleasure.

Whether you want to fly for recreation, business or make it your profession, ROTOR F/X has an award winning flight training program designed just for you.


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Helicopters Show SoCal Buyers New View Of Multi-Million Dollar Estates

When surveying multi-million dollar estates there's no better way to get a lay of the land than with Heli-Realtors, who take their high-end clientele on a helicopter ride over the property.
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