Come join the thousands who have experienced our exclusive private Helicopter and Airplane sightseeing tours of Los Angeles. From Hollywood to the ocean, you’ll see it all. see aerial tours.

We’ve done literally thousands of Los Angeles sightseeing tours. In a large, sprawling city like Los Angeles, helicopter tours or airplane tours are an ideal way to fully take in the city and see it from an entirely new perspective.

Our services and training include aerial sightseeing tours, personal and professional flight training, aircraft maintenance, aircraft shipping and transport, helicopter tours, airplane tours, aerial photography video and cinematography, UAV / Drone systems, and a variety of specialty courses and services.

If you’re someone who actually wants to fly a helicopter or an airplane, we are able to train you in both. To get you started we have an orientation and introductory lesson where your instructor will familiarize you with the aircraft and give you your first exciting flight experience in order decide if this may be career or hobby for you.

For those of you interested in flight and capturing the visual wonders that come along with it, or if you find yourself working on a movie or television production that requires aerial shooting, we are happy to provide you the aircraft, equipment and expertise to do so. Our company has been featured on the hit reality show Keeping Up With Kardashians, as well as Extra and E! Entertainment. Whether you’re interested in aerial photography and videography, aerial cinematography, aerial picture ships, aerial camera ships, aerial camera operators, or UAV/Drone camera ships, you can count on us to supply the equipment.

For the experienced flyer, we invite you to come rent our fleet of clean and well maintained aircraft – we look forward to flying with you! And for those of you new and unsure, please come and join us for a helicopter or airplane ride or an introductory flight training lesson to get your feet wet. You never know, you might just really like it!

Learning to fly can be one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of your life.
It can open a whole new world of opportunity and pleasure.


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