Aerial Advertising

The nighttime helicopter advertising display is now available for all Southern California! You can brand your product, create a call-to-action message for immediate results or make an animated announcement. Our light-up display can be targeted to any audience you want to reach.

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With digital ads, you can create an affordable message that fits into your marketing mix to attract new customers. Make a campaign to have people visit your website, a directive to text you a ‘keyword’ or have a viewer call for a chance to win a prize – the possibilities are unlimited. With our 36′ x 8′ digital LED light display, a message can flash, scroll, or run left or right. You create the image you would like your audience to see. The advantage of helicopter advertising is the ability to quickly get to the location or hover over any spot, instantly grabbing people’s attention. For example, have us fly over the busiest freeway in Los Angeles and the impressions will be in the tens of thousands!