Aerocopter AK1-3 Helicopter

The AK1-3 – smooth, powerful, quick, roomy and economical – everything you need in a performance light helicopter.


ROTOR F/X is pleased to be representing the AK1-3 helicopter for the Americas. With a long list of features including a Type Certificate, JSC CB Aerocopter has designed and manufactured an advanced aircraft that rivals any two-place helicopter on the market.

With attributes such as all-titanium hardware, laminated torsion bar rotor hub, and a reliably proven fuel injected engine, the AK1-3 emanates top quality and superior engineering throughout while boasting low maintenance and operating costs.

The modern Enigma glass panel provides all the visceral input for monitoring the entire aircraft and its environment, and includes all the latest GPS-enabled options in addition to a standard VFR panel. A wide cabin provides comfortable command of the ship, and adjustable seat positions accommodate variances in pilot and passenger size. All of this enclosed within a comfortable cockpit providing a spectacular wrap-around view.

Other excellent features of the AK1-3 are economy and performance. At a minimal fuel burn of only 7.4 to 9.35 gph of unleaded 95 octane, your ship won’t strain the budget and is a significant improvement over other offerings in this class of helicopter. With a 115 mph maximum speed and comfortable cruise rate reaching 100 mph, you’ll realize a range of 200 miles, and climb rates of up to 1800 fpm before reaching a ceiling of almost 10,000 feet, where a pressurized cabin would become necessary.

Manufacturer Specifications
Length T19.04 ft (5.806m)
Length: Overall 26.54 ft (8.096m)
Width: Airframe 5.25 ft (1.6m)
Width: Overall 67.79 in (1722mm)
Width: Cabin 53.26 in (1353mm)
Height 7.28 ft (2.22m)
Main Rotor Diameter 22.44 ft (6.84m)
Tail Rotor Diameter T50.78 inch (1290mm)
Empty Weight T837.75 lb (380kg)
Gross Weight MTOW 1433 lb (650kg)
Useful Load 595 lb
Fuel Capacity (95 Octane MOGAS) 19.1 gallon (72 l)
Engine Subaru EJ25 4 cylinder water cooled, fuel injected w/ECU
Engine Power HP/KW 156 hp (115 kw) TBO 1000 hours
(Ukraine Aviation Authority / ICAO Member)
Ukraine Aviation Authority / ICAO Member) Type Certificate #TTI 0008, Issued June 30, 2006
TBO (Major) 2000 hours (Lifetime 8000 hours)

Maximum Speed 115 mph (186 kph)
Cruise Speed 100 mph (160 kph)
Climb Rate 1811 fpm (9.2 m/s)
Flight Endurance 2 hours
Range ~200 miles ~(320 km)
Fuel Consumption 7.4 to 9.25 gph (28-35lph)
Main Rotor RPM (green) 7000 ft (2200m)
Hover: In Ground Effect T50.78 inch (1290mm)
Hover: Out of Ground Effect ~6000 ft ~(1800m)
Max Velocity for Pickup/Setdown 33.5 mph (15 m/s)
Service Ceiling ~9,800 ft ~(3000m)

Full Kit Price (Self-assembly)* $187,600 (FOB Van Nuys)
ReadyBuilt© Price (Assembled by ROTOR F/X) $216,200
Crating Fee $2800
Delivery, Shipping or Ferry Dependent upon final destination – request quote
(Average order-to-delivery schedule: 12-14 months)

*Builder Assistance is available should you need partial or full-time help constructing your helicopter. For the ultimate construction experience, take advantage of our Rent-a-Shop program. Once your construction is complete, you can have ROTOR F/X inspect and test your helicopter here or at your location. Contact us for rates and scheduling.


  • Agricultural spray system (120 liter) – $16,800
  • Custom paint or murals and lettering – Contact us for quote
  • Helicopter flight training
  • 40-hour FAA fly-off – $2,200 + fuel
  • Deluxe aluminum transport trailer – $4,100-$8,325 depending on options:
    • Integrated blade box
    • Integrated tool box
    • Integrated fuel tank with electric pump
    • Set-down or fly-off deck (no ramps required)
    • Electric winch with mechanical backup
    • Automatic hydraulic brakes (electric brakes optional)
    • LED marker lighting and deck flood lights
    • Optional air-ride suspension

Experimental Helicopter Flight Training

ROTOR F/X is pleased to offer flight training packages specifically for experimental helicopter builders and owners. We have designed a modified version of our private pilot helicopter course specifically for your requirements. Click here for more information.

Hover Simulator

For both standard and experimental training, we also have a new and unique dual hover trainer. This will enable you to learn and practice hovering on the ground in the comfort of our hangar. It is similar in basic concept to the “Heli-Chair” but is much more advanced, built into a two-place airframe so an instructor can work with you. This simulator is available for rental by the hour (as available) until 10pm daily. As a bonus, it doubles as a PC simulator with a 42″ screen so you can practice on your favorite PC sim on off-times (we have X-Plane, Microsoft X, G4 and others) – hourly rates are waived and this service is free for Mosquito pilots while attending our training programs.