Aircraft Crating, Shipping and Export

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If you are purchasing a helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft from the US or Canada, or shipping your aircraft overseas, ROTOR F/X will provide you all the services and amenities required for successful delivery to the foreign port of destination. If you cannot deliver your aircraft to us from its current location, we’ll provide a ferry pilot or you can choose one of our special transport trailers to bring your helicopter to our location at Whiteman airport (fixed-wing aircraft must be dismantled on-site prior to transport)*. Once we receive the aircraft, it will be safely crated and packed in shipping containers for delivery to the Port of Los Angeles. Our service includes all export documentation and logistics support to see your shipment through to its port of destination.

*As fixed-wing aircraft require dismantling, we offer reassembly services at the destination if required.


  • Ferried or transported by your choice of open or closed trailer to Whiteman
  • Expertly crated and packed in a shipping container with custom formers and jigs
  • Includes all export documentation and logistics support
  • Container delivered to the Port of Los Angeles
  • All dockside services and loading
  • NV rated available
  • Shipping to your port of destination
  • Reassembly team available for destination