Ferry and Ground Transport Services

ROTOR F/X has experienced professional ferry pilots available to relocate your helicopter or airplane anywhere on Earth, whether it is a short hop or across an ocean or continent. Our high-time pilots will promptly deliver your aircraft to its destination with the utmost in care and economy.

For relocation within Northern America, we will carefully ferry your aircraft by air ride trailer. Depending on your requirements, either open or fully enclosed trailers are available for highway transport. For salvage or special locations, we offer off-road trailers capable of traversing unstable terrain and which can be equipped with a crane or boom.

Our transport crews are experts in aircraft delivery and can be composed of A&Ps for dismantling or recovery, and/or rated pilots for fly-on/off trailering.


  • Based regionally worldwide on all continents
  • Service to and from anywhere
  • Land or offshore including platform and vessels
  • NV rated available
  • Real time following via internet or satellite available
  • 24 hour on-call service


  • Open or closed smooth air ride trailers designed to protect your investment
  • Professional experienced drivers specializing in aircraft transport
  • Modern, reliable equipment and rigs
  • A&P drivers/crew available for dismantling if required
  • Transport, relocation, retrieval or salvage
  • Highway rigs or special off-road trailers
  • Real-time following via internet or satellite available
  • Service anywhere in North America
  • 24 hour on-call service