Aircraft Kit Assembly & Manufacturing


NOTE: Special rules for US experimental builders below – does not apply to ultra-light category where we can offer full build service.

You’ve been eyeing your favorite experimental or ultra-light kit but really don’t have the time, inclination or equipment to take on the project or maybe like many prospective buyers, you just want to fly! Rotor F/X will take delivery of your complete kit and then deliver a finished aircraft to you usually in 90 to 150 days. It will be built to our high standards with every single part checked for accuracy and conformity, far past the manufacturers specification. The completed aircraft will be fully flight tested to at least the FAA 40 hour minimum and signed off so you can fly unrestricted from day one. You will also receive a certified copy of the data telemetry logs captured through out the entire flight testing process as well as our extensive production quality control logs.

Alternate and upgraded equipment packages are available for most models including upholstery, avionics and many other options. Our skilled artisans and craftsmen will create your dream built to the very highest standards and just so you won’t feel left out, we’ll send you continual video logs and images of the progress. You are of course most welcome to visit at any time during the process or attend the testing sessions. Once complete we can transport, ship or export it to any destination of your choice.

US builders (experimental only) must conform to FAA regulations requiring a minimum of 51% participation in the construction and assembly of your aircraft. We may be able to offer limited assistance during this phase until it is built and signed off depending on factory completion level of your kit. New rules require logging all builder assistance hours and may violate the 51% invalidating eligibility for certification.

For plans to build experimentals, we may be able to offer extensive assistance without exceeding this limit. As an alternative you may want to consider our Rent-A-Shop option where you can acquire indirect help form other builders, workshops and local EAA as well as on-site advice on tools, material handling and fabrication or construction methods. Once the aircraft is built we can properly rig, balance and flight test it for you.



Other projects may be ultra-light or experimental helicopter or gyrocopter plans sets from several manufacturers and vendors: Redback Aviation

-40 hour option may be waived for Part 103 Ultra-lights and international clients but we require a minimum of 8 hours of in-flight testing before we will release any completed aircraft.


A certain times and stages of construction you may find yourself wondering if the task at hand is completed correctly but is beyond the description in the construction manual or telephone support from the manufacturer. If you find yourself at this juncture and have exhausted local resources such as A&Ps or EAA members ROTOR F/X offers several options. We can send assistance to you or you can bring your ship to us (you may qualify for discounted or free transport on one of our transporters). We’ll assist you to complete your construction and provide any specialized tools and equipment required to get the job done.

  • Construction on progress
  • Final inspection
  • Rigging, weight and balance, electronic tracking
  • Flight testing

You have picked out a project and want to build it yourself but have no place to do it. Problem solved – come and rent construction space in one of our hangars. This includes all amenities and a fully stocked tool room so you can arrive and build at your convenience.

  • Reserved permanent floor space for the life of your project
  • Private lockable storage for your parts, components and personal tools or equipment
  • Various size and spaces available on a per square foot per month rate (prorated per day)
  • Use of all standard tools and equipment needed to complete your ship
  • Use or rental of specialty equipment and tools (engine test stands, test equipment, hoists, electronic blade tracking)
  • Access to computers, internet, email and lounge
  • Fabrication services available onsite (metalworking, welding, composites, painting)
  • Accommodations and plenty of restaurants available locally)
  • Take in all Los Angeles and Southern California has to offer while you are here
  • Several excellent local flight schools available for flight training if needed
  • FAA certified AMTs (A&Ps, IAs) available for consultation and builder assistance
  • Local FAA FSDO office on site for inspections and certification
  • Helicopter trailer rental (or sales) available for offsite testing or for final delivery to your home
  • Work in an enjoyable all pilot, all rotorcraft environment *Please reserve your space well in advance of your kit arrival – limited openings

Please reserve your space well in advance of your kit arrival – limited openings.


Many builders find themselves with a uncompleted project for one of many reasons. Kits in this stage rarely have much market value and can be difficult to sell. We have a solution for you if you find yourself in this situation. Upon a prior agreement and arrangement we may accept your project and professionally complete it without any additional cost to you and then make it available to the market for sale, finished, tested and ready to fly. Some of the additional benefits include access to our extensive list of buyers worldwide, display and exposure at one of busiest GA airports in the world and availability at a major port for easy export for international purchasers.

  • Have your project professionally completed without additional cost
  • Greatly increase resale value to recapture your investment
  • Exposure to the sales market and our list of domestic and international buyers
  • Instant, easy export capability with our in-house crating and shipping department
  • Delivery and trailer transport available to your buyer anywhere in North America

ROTOR F/X will supply all completion labor for construction, fabrication, setup and testing. Missing parts, components and materials will be billed to the customer. Free or discounted transport may be available to bring your project to our facilities.