Multi-Engine Rating

To obtain a multi-engine rating to a private, commercial, ATP, or CFI certificate, the FAA requires an instructor endorsement and a practical test. A Knowledge test (written) is not required. The practical test includes a detailed oral test.

Pilots may take their original private pilot or other practical tests in a multi-engine airplane, in which case they will be subject to additional experience requirements. A pilot certificate obtained in such a manner will not include single engine piloting privileges (ability to deal with a total power loss is not demonstrated during multi-engine certification).

To be eligible for Airplane Multi-Engine rating, a person must:

  • You must hold a current FAA Private Pilot or Commercial Pilot Certificate
  • Obtain at least 40 hours of flight time in a multiengine airplane:
    • Dual – 20 hours
    • Solo – 20 hours
  • Receive a written multi-engine endorsement from a certificated flight instructor (CFI)
  • Pay FAA Examiner fee
  • Pass  FAA written, oral, and flight examination