Drones Go Commercial, Offer Blossoming Business Opportunity for Helicopter Operators – It’s happening again. Our imagined future of robots and drones inserting themselves into our everyday lives is slowly becoming a reality. The idea of drones buzzing about our heads was merely cinematic, until now. Drones may actually have a hand in filming movies rather than starring in them. Continue reading “Drones Go Commercial …”


Our professional pilot course is an intensive training course for people who want to become a professional helicopter pilot. This course is highly recommended to get the most for your training dollars!


We can provide your feature film or television production with all the equipment, talent and expertise to capture your aviation related vision in the air or on the ground. From aircraft (real, UAV or props) to capture on film or video, to our specialized aerial camera platforms to shoot from, we have all your aerial needs covered using the latest in HD camera and gyro-stabilization technologies!


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You’ll safely fly in the experienced hands of our professional pilots who have flown these routes thousands of times since 1992 while you enjoy the exclusive use of the aircraft for your party only. From the air you’ll see everything there is to see starting with the major film and television studios and then on to Hollywood and Beverly Hills, then traversing to the famous beaches of Santa Monica and Malibu. In one breathtaking experience you’ll get a taste of all Los Angeles has to offer so bring your camera as you’ll have stunning photo opportunities that you can not get any other way as you pass over all our famous landmarks and feature destinations.


We’ve done literally thousands of Los Angeles sightseeing tours. In a large, sprawling city like Los Angeles, helicopter tours or airplane tours are an ideal way to fully take in the city and see it from an entirely new perspective.

For those of you interested in flight and capturing the visual wonders that come along with it, or if you find yourself working on a movie or television production that requires aerial shooting, we are happy to provide you the aircraft, equipment and expertise to do so. Our company has been featured on the hit reality show Keeping Up With Kardashians, as well as Extra and E! Entertainment. Whether you’re interested in aerial photography and videography, aerial cinematography, aerial picture ships, aerial camera ships, aerial camera operators, or UAV/Drone camera ships, you can count on us to supply the equipment.