Whirly-Girls scholarship deadline approaches


The applications for the 2017 scholarships are here!


The Whirly-Girls, International Women Helicopter Pilots is offering three new scholarships: the Garmin GTN and G500/600 Course scholarship, the Night Flight Concepts Night Vision Goggle Initial Pilot Qualification scholarship, and the Robinson Helicopter R66 Safety Course scholarship. The group also offers 10 additional scholarships. Applications cost $50 and are due Oct. 1. For more information and to download the scholarship applications, visit the Whirly-Girls website.


The May/June 2016 issue of FAA Safety Briefing focuses on the rapidly changing world of technology and the important role it plays in general aviation safety. Articles in this issue cover everything from unmanned aircraft to commercial space operations, to how the FAA helps champion the power of technology in making flying safer and more efficient. We also discuss some of the possible pitfalls of technology, including its ability to distract and disrupt our decision-making skills.

Feature articles include:

  • Welcome to the William J. Hughes Technical Center – The Happiest Place in Aviation Tech! (p 8),
  • eLogbook Logistics – Considerations for Moving from Paper Log to Digital Login (p 11),
  • X-Ray Vision and Alphabet Soup – Decoding GA Vision Systems (p. 25)

The link to the online edition is: http://www.faa.gov/news/safety_briefing/


ROTOR FX invites you to come see the exciting DynaX5 5 axis gyro stabilized camera gimbal for yourself at NAB 2016 in the Las Vegas Convention Center. Visit the Dynamic Perspective booth number C11845 located in the Central Hall from April 18th until Thursday April 21st to get a first hand look.

See it for yourself and schedule your demo of this amazing stabilization breakthrough.

DynaX5-Gyro-Stabilized-Gimbal-on-CavalonPro-Gyrocopter DynaX5-Gyro-Stabilized-Gimbal-on-AS350 DynaX5-Gyro-Stabilized-Gimbal-on-UAV-Drone

April 14, 2016 (Vienna, Austria) — Dynamic Perspective GmbH announced today that it has selected ROTOR FX LLC of Los Angeles to be its service, training, repair and warranty center partner in North America for its lightweight DynaX5 stabilized gimbal technology.

The DynaX5 represents a newest generation in high end gyro stabilization for cinematography or broadcast use with installation and setup times under 30 minutes. The system is so light it can be operated from inexpensive smaller aircraft such as the Robinson R66, R44 and R22 helicopters and even a gyrocopter as currently implemented at the renowned Pinewood Studios in the UK.

With a less expensive helicopter requirement, this gimbals light weight will introduce the very highest end imaging capability to medium and lower budget film/tv productions and provide a cost effective solution for helicopter news broadcasting into TV markets that previously could never have afforded it. To meet with emerging customer demands the gimbal is also available in an integrated drone or UAV configuration.

“The cooperation with Rotor FX/ LLC is for us a perfect match”, says Fritz Spielauer, VP of International Sales and Marketing. “With their track record and experience of operating this type of high-end equipment for the film and TV industry, the ROTOR F/X LLC team will be able to directly assist US clients to find exactly the right solution for them.”

The system currently comes in two configurations, a CINE version for feature film and television production and a broadcast package for TV news or outdoor events. The DynaX5 provides the director with a wide selection of many popular industry camera-lens combinations that are user selectable and field changeable offering wide shot versatility on set. The gimbal can also be quickly relocated from aircraft to camera car to cable or boom making it a single solution asset on location.

“Our 24/7/365 availability along with the vast experience of our personnel in stabilized payloads and camera technology were a key factor in being selected by Dynamic Perspective to be their anchor point in the Americas for the DynaX5” said ROTOR FX manager Steve Dupont. “We will be providing full rental services, technical support and training for the system as well as mounts for aerial, marine, ground vehicle, dolly, cable, or boom applications.”

ROTOR FX will provide technical support as well as any warranty service for the DynaX5 with factory trained technicians and a complete compliment of spare parts and spare gimbals for immediate field replacement if needed. The company will also provide completion services for temporary or permanent film and ENG installations from its showroom and hangars at Van Nuys.

FMI contact: info@rotorfx.com. www.rotorfx.com, +1.818.462.3333



ROTOR FX LLC is a veteran owned privately held company based at the Van Nuys airport in Van Nuys, California (Los Angeles) and has roots in commercial unmanned systems reaching back to 1996. The company is a full FBO and FAA flight school for airplane and helicopter and is currently one of the only full hands-on private drone training schools in the USA and the only aerial cinematography academy globally. The company designs and develops unmanned systems for industrial, commercial, scientific and defense applications as well as specialty systems and props for Hollywood. ROTOR FX holds an FAA 333 Exemption and approved movie manuals for both UAS and conventional aircraft.


Make your pictures stand out with spectacular views from our Helicopters.

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Aerial photography can be challenging therefore photographers will improve their skill set and versatility dealing with a moving landscape and fluctuating light conditions.

Whether you are a seasoned pro or figuring out your first camera this will be an exciting venture.

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