Aerial Cinematography Film School

Come to Hollywood and learn from the best in the business. Whether you are shooting from a helicopter, airplane, or drone, learn the trade from award-winning masters who have world-renowned aerial credentials in major film and television productions.

At our aerial film school you will learn to shoot from our drones or helicopters using the most advanced imaging technologies available to the industry. Your flights will be commanded by seasoned Hollywood aerial imaging pilots and drone operators who also teach you how to work as part of a cohesive team to capture those spectacular shots you want to create.

You will learn:

  • Camera and shooting techniques
  • Motion control, blocking, lighting
  • Camera and lense selection
  • Camera and gimbal operation
  • Aviation safety and flight techniques
  • Crew and resource management
  • FAA and other filming regulations and technical requirements
  • Production “Setiquette”

This is a hands-on course with both classroom and actual flight exercises to bring your skills up to industry standards.

Contact us for class schedules or for personal individual tutoring.