Aerial Camera Operators and Pilots

“Hollywood’s one-stop shop for anything rotorcraft related in, on, around, or behind the camera”


At ROTOR F/X, our focus is providing the highest quality aerial film, video, and photos, using top-of-the-line cameras and platforms.


Choose from the best in the business. They come with decades of experience shooting film and television projects all over the globe, capturing the extraordinary imagery that “wows” millions of viewers on TV and the big screen.


The film pilot is a crucial member of the aerial team. Not just any pilot, our pilots are trained in working with cameras and crews and have thousands of hours of experience. A good film pilot can actually save you money by getting the shots you need in record time with fewer takes.

ROTOR F/X offers its expertise and services for feature films, documentaries, and television, whether on conventional aircraft or drones.

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