Aerial Picture Ships


“Hollywood’s one-stop shop for anything rotor-craft related in, on, around or behind the camera”

Rotor F/X will provide you almost any type of rotor-craft for your next production or event. Just let us know what model you need, where and when and we’ll take care of the rest.


  • Helicopters: Standard commercial, military and antique rotorcraft
  • Static Scale Models: 1/6 to full scale static mockups with optional robotic motion control
  • Scale Remote Control: 1/10 to 1/3 scale flying models – Radio control or UAV
  • Custom Fantasy Models: Give us your concept or design and we’ll build it for you
  • Props: Full or partial scale interior or cockpit mockups with fully functional controls and panels
  • UAV Aerial Camera Ships: Available in several sizes suitable for video or film. Complete with full autopilot for programmable precision flight paths and exact repeatable retakes and includes full support and flight crew
  • Delivery, transportation or ferry aircraft to location
  • Custom paint to your specifications
  • Custom modification or design
  • Flight, safety and ground support crews