DynaX5 Gimbal Service and Support

The DynaX5 Satisfaction Service

Understanding your requirements

We pride ourselves in supplying you with a camera stabilization system that is right for your needs. We aim to equip you with all the necessary tools and skills to empower you to get the best imagery with your DynaX5.

Your personal sales or rental contact

Throughout the entire process your personal sales or rental contact will develop the right solution with you. Regardless of your intended application, the configuration of your DynaX5 can be customized to suit your needs. The good relationship with your representative forms the basis to provide you with a camera stabilization system that assures the best results for your requirements. Your contact will guide through the selection process using their years of camera and operational experience and collaborate with you on your specific needs.

Assistance with initial Setup

Upon purchase and delivery of the DynaX5 to your premises, we provide you with on-site assistance for initial setup of the system. We make sure that all customized configurations fit your existing equipment.

Staff training on your premises

With the initial setup of the DynaX5 we provide in depth training for you and your staff to use the system. Our highly skilled technicians will teach you all important procedures and configuration options. The whole setup and installation process will be practiced to ensure that you are best equipped for successful filming with the DynaX5.

Optional Service Level Agreement

“Service is our success.” Stay connected with us with the right SLA for your needs. We offer a personal global service that is ready to address your needs wherever you are. Your personal sales contact will work out the right level of service agreement with you.

We are your regional service partner

Our specially selected and trained global service team will be at hand to support you in keeping your DynaX5 gimbal fit for the next production. They are factory trained for full support, troubleshooting, repair and maintenance. We stock a full compliment of parts and maintain spare systems for immediate replacement. Technicians can be dispatched to your location wherever that may be.

Service calls are responded to 24 hours a day   +1.818.462.3333 or by email at dynax5@rotorfx.com