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Mosquito Experimental and Ultralight Helicopters
"The Ultimate Flight Experience"
Available with advanced digital MGL AVIONICS instrument systems

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ROTOR F/X is pleased to offer the exciting line of  Mosquito ulltralight and experimental helicopters. Whether you want the challenge and satisfaction of building a kit yourself or an assembled and tested ready to fly helicopter there is a complete range of choices and five different models to meet any budget or technical quest.

We are here to support your quest for vertical flight with these superior kits, builder assist services, ReadyBuilt systems, parts, service, setup, flight testing and flight training.

Your dream of personal vertical flight IS now within your reach!
  This could be you!           

For simplicity and pure "out there' flying experience consider the Mosquito Air. This is as basic and thrilling as it gets, cruising over the landscape below with little to obstruct your view or the exhilaration of the wind rushing past. This pure fun ship can be flown under FAA Part 103 ultralight rules and does not require aircraft registration or pilot license*. The Mosquito Air is available ReadyBuilt©, as a full kit or can be purchased in sub groups to meet your time and budget availability. A deposit as low as $3000 for the first sub-group or $6000 for the full kit can get you on your way to this unique experience like no other.  Videos

When your preference in a Part 103 ultralight requires more of a standard fuselage and cockpit then the XEL will meet your needs. The integrated fuselage standard to all XE models forms a most pleasing and aerodynamic shell with all the required instrumentation and comforts a recreational pilot might want. The included safety floats provide an exemption to the standard 103 weight limit to keep this beautiful ship within the ultralight category. This helicopter can also be flown under FAA Part 103 ultralight rules and does not require aircraft registration or pilot license*. The Mosquito XEL is available ReadyBuilt©, as a full kit or can be purchased in sub groups. A deposit as low as $5,000 for the first sub-group or $10,000 for the entire kit will get you an immediate spot on the production line.  Videos

If you have a rotorcraft rating or are planning on getting your license the XE is the place to start.

Identical to the XEL but without the floats and with an unrestricted fuel capacity the XE will really take you places. Fly for over 2 hours, or even 4 with optional extended tanks, at a comfortable cruise of 75 mph and a very economical fuel burn of only 4.5 gallons per hour. This helicopter requires FAA registration and a pilot rating with its enhanced capabilities.  The Mosquito XE is available ReadyBuilt©, as a full kit or can also be purchased in sub groups. A deposit of $5,000 will secure your position for the first sub-group or $10,000 for the entire kit.

Additional power is the prime feature of the XE3 helicopter. Identical to the XE in all other features, the XE3 boasts a power increase of over 30% for higher performance, a larger load or high altitude performance. You'll also experience a rated cruise speed increase to over 80 mph and a significant jump in rate of climb capability. As with the XE this helicopter requires FAA registration and a pilot rating. The Mosquito XE3 is available ReadyBuilt©, as a full kit or can be purchased in sub groups. A $5,000 deposit enables a production position for the first sub-group or $10,000 for the entire kit.  Videos

This is the ultimate experience in performance, technology and pure "wow" factor. With a top speed over 100 mph and rated climb rate of 1200 feet per minute this performer will satisfy the most demanding pilot and turn heads and gather crowds wherever you travel. There is nothing like the pure power and sound of the turbine propelling your helicopter into performance parameters all others will envy. The Mosquito XET is also available ReadyBuilt© or as a full kit and can be purchased in sub groups. A $5,000 deposit will secure group one module of the kit or $10,000 deposit will purchase  your position for the entire kit. The turbine engine is additional on this ship and engine cost typically ranges from $5000 - $10000 depending on configuration and options.  Videos

Builders Assistance is available for all models should you need partial or full time help constructing your helicopter or for the ultimate construction experience take advantage of our Rent-a-Shop program. Once your construction is complete you can have ROTOR F/X inspect and test your helicopter here or at your location (contact us for rates and scheduling).

ReadyBuilt©  service is available for those who want a the helicopter fully assembly by very experienced helicopter A&P mechanics and overseen by a career IA. Have your helicopter built and carefully assembled to exacting standards by licensed aviation professionals with years of experience.


FullFlap.TV interviews  with Mosquito builder and pilot John Snider   Watch an owner build a Mosquito XEL 
ultralight helicopter kit  from start to fligh

  * As with any aircraft, competent practices, operation and training should be observed at all times.  Aircraft can be extremely dangerous should not be taken lightly and no careless or reckless behavior should be tolerated or allowed at any time.  Improper maintenance or operation can result in serious injury or even death. These helicopters should never be operated without sufficient training and instruction and under no circumstances should one attempt to self teach themselves how to fly these aircraft. All prices quoted include a $2000 discount which shall only be applied if the buyer can provide verifiable documentation that they have received at least 10 hours of professional flight instruction in helicopters.

** Although their is no regulatory requirement to hold any type of pilot license at all to fly the Mosquito AIR or XEL, or that you can fly the XE, XE3 or  XET experimental helicopters with just a fixed wing private rating or higher, training is still necessary to teach you the flight skills to pilot your Mosquito.  An accelerated 10 hour class is available which can usually be accomplished in 3-4 days at which point you should have very basic competency in hovering, pedal turns, hover taxi, quick stops, pick ups and set downs which should provide you sufficient skills to return home and practice these maneuvers for many more hours. For new pilots this time counts towards your rotorcraft rating and for fixed wing pilots this time does count towards your rotorcraft add on rating. This is an absolute minimum, additional time is highly recommended. 

Mosquito Specifications, Performance and Pricing: ORDER NOW! - $2000 PRICE INCREASE ON ALL MOSQUITO HELICOPTERS APRIL 2011

Model: AIR XEL XE XE3 XET Turbine
Manufacturers Specifications**          
Length: Airframe / Overall 16 ft / 20 ft 16 ft / 20 ft 16 ft / 20 ft 16 ft / 20 ft 16 ft / 20 ft
Width 72 inch 72 inch 72 inch 72 inch 72 inch
Height 83 inch 84 inch 84 inch 84 inch 84 inch
Main Rotor Diameter 18 ft 19 ft 6 inch 19 ft 6 inch 19 ft 6 inch 19 ft 6 inch
Tail Rotor Diameter 40 inch 40 inch 40 inch 40 inch 40 inch
  ---- XE series dimensional drawing
Empty Weight 254 lb 312 lb 298 lb 360 lb 433 lb
Gross Weight 530 lb 610 lb 610 lb 720 lb 820 lb
Useful Load 250 lb 240 lb 240 lb 290 lb 290 lb
Useful Load w/ optional aux tank n/a n/a     240 lb
Fuel Capacity 5 gallon 5 gallon 12 gallon 12 gallon 12 gallon
Optional Aux Fuel Capacity n/a n/a 8 gallon 8 gallon 8 gallon
Engine CRE MZ202 2cyl CRE MZ202 2cyl CRE MZ202 2cyl CRE MZ301 3cyl Solar T62-2A1
Engine Power: HP/KW 64 hp / 45 kw 64 hp / 45 kw 64 hp / 45 kw 85 hp / 63 kw 90 hp / 67 kw
Battery/Starter 12 VDC 12 VDC 12 VDC 12 VDC 12 VDC
Alternator 180 watt 180 watt 180 watt 180 watt 180 watt
Mosquito XE Dimensional Chart          
Performance ** AIR XEL XE XE3 XET Turbine
Maximum Speed 70 mph 80 mph 80 mph 100+ mph 100+ mph
Cruise Speed 60 mph 65 mph 75 mph 80 mph 80 mph
Climb Rate (est) 900 fpm 900 fpm 900 fpm 1200 fpm 1200 fpm
Flight Time: Standard / Aux Tanks ~ 1 hr / n/a 1 hr / n/a 2.2 hr / 4.0 hr 2.0 hr / 3.6 hr 1.3 hr / 2.2 hr
Range: Standard / Aux Tanks 60 miles 60 miles 150 / 250 miles 150 / 250 miles 100 / 160 miles
Fuel Consumption 4.5 gal/hour 4.5 gal/hour 4.5 gal/hour 5 gal/hour 8.5 gal/hour
Main Rotor RPM 540 540 540 590 590
Tail Rotor RPM 2500 2500 2500 2700 2700
Hover in Ground Effect 8000 ft 8000 ft 8000 ft 9500 ft 9000 ft
Hover Out of Ground Effect 6500 ft 6500 ft 6500 ft 7500 ft 7000 ft
** Performance specifications provided by the manufacturer are believed to be accurate at the time of publication. ROTOR F/X LLC is not responsible for any errors or omissions in publication.
Price / Deposit
Price / Deposit
Price / Deposit
Price / Deposit
XET Turbine
Price / Deposit

ReadyBuilt© Mosquito

(Professionally Built by ROTOR F/X**)

$39,500 / $15,000 $46,500/$16,000 $45,500/$16,000 $50,500/$16,000 $53,500/$18,000
Engine Included Included Included Included Included
Crating Fee $200 $800 $800 $800 $800

All ultralights are available as ReadyBuilt© anywhere. Some countries including the USA require certain participation in building and fabrication by the owner to qualify for the experimental or equivalent category. For these circumstances builder assist and other options may be available.

Inbound Freight *** $1400 $1900 $1900 $1900 $1900 + Engine
Delivery Shipping for ReadyBuilt©

Inquire for transport or shipping quote to your location - we ship worlwide by air or ocean.

A note on pricing and purchasing: 
Make a deposit as noted below to order the entire kit which we will build and assemble as a complete finished helicopter for you. When the kit components are ready for assembly the balance is due.

Mosquito Options:

  • Governor Kit: $1200 ((AIR, XE, XEL, XE3)
  • Wheel Kit: $250 (All models)
  • Quick Build Fab Parts: $300 (All models)
  • Fiberglass Vertical Stabilizer: $250 (XE, XEL, XE3, XET)
  • Fiberglass Horizontal Stabilizer: $250 (XE, XE3, XET) required for XEL
  • Carbon Fiber Tail Rotor Blades: $350 (ALL)
  • Doors $850 (XE,XEL,XE3,XET)
  • Doors hinge kit (XE,XEL,XE3,XET)
  • Mosquito Seat Cover: $200 (XE, XEL, XE3, XET)
  • Standard Paint - up to 3 colors: $2000 (XE, XEL, XE3, XET)
  • Custom Paint or Murals and Lettering: Call for quote (ALL)
  • Helicopter Flight Training (ALL)
  • 40 Hour FAA Fly-Off: $2000 plus fuel (XE, XE3, XET)
  • Deluxe Aluminum Mosquito Transport Trailer: $4100 - $8325 depending on options (ALL)
    • Integrated blade box
    • Integrated tool box
    • Integrated fuel tank with electric pump
    • Set down or fly off deck (no ramps required)
    • Electric winch with mechanical backup
    • Automatic hydraulic brakes (electric brakes optional)
    • LED marker lighting and deck flood lights
    • Optional air-ride suspension

Get fast and easy financing

Mosquito Flight Training  Rate Sheet

ROTOR F/X is pleased to announce a one of a kind flight training package specifically for Mosquito helicopter builders and owners. As you are aware you need professional training with an instructor to learn helicopter flight and also to take advantage of the $2000 training discount on any of the Mosquito helicopters. We have designed a modified version of our private pilot helicopter course specifically for your requirements.

For ultralight owners we have a 10 hour package that is concentrated on your main focus of receiving basic flight training and becoming a safe and competent pilot in your ultralight. You may of course take more than 10 hours and even continue on towards your private certification at any time. You will receive and log 10 hours dual time in our Schweizer with a professional instructor which you can use for your discount and return home with a solid training foundation in place.

For experimental class owners we offer our private training course with an instructor who has many hours logged in experimental helicopters. Although necessarily similar to normal private rating training that we provide, this course is focused with extra attention on the specific and unique requirements for setting up, maintaining and flying an experimental class helicopter. Regular FAA private training requirements apply.

Training at Van Nuys is a unique experience. Helicopter traffic is so prevalent we have our own tower frequency at 119.0 and we house operations for dozens of helicopters including news, fire, police, sheriff, highway patrol, fire fighting, training, movies, charter, and corporate. You will see almost every variety of helicopter from light trainer to the giant Ericsson Skycrane. Experience in this environment will prepare you for anything.

For both types of training we also have a new and unique dual hover trainer available. This will enable you to learn and practice hovering on the ground in the hangar. It is similar in basic concept to the "Heli-Chair" but is much more advanced, computer controlled and built into a two place airframe so an instructor can train you. This simulator is available for rental by the hour as available until 10pm daily. As a bonus it doubles as a PC simulator with a 42" screen so you can practice on your favorite PC sim in off times (we have X-Plane, Microsoft X, G4 and others) - hourly rates are waived and this is free for Mosquito pilots while you are attending our training programs.

Please Note: Simulator will teach you to hover expertly and provide hours of precision practice but is not yet approved to log towards any FAA or other ratings

Training Accommodations
We have arranged for a special rate for you at our very pilot friendly Air-Tel Plaza Hotel and Convention Center, conveniently situated right on the airport with a front row seat to the famous "16 Right" at Van Nuys. When booking just mention you are training at ROTOR F/X to get the discount. It couldn't be easier - if you arrive at LAX, collect your bags and step onto the concourse where the big blue Van Nuys Fly-Away  luxury coach comes by every 30-45 minutes. For $6.00 it will take you to Van Nuys Fly-Away terminal where you will be picked up by shuttle for the three block trip to the hotel. If you do want a car rental it is available at the hotel and can be arranged at booking time or on your arrival. You'll be picked up and returned to the hotel for each lesson. Enjoy your stay at the busiest GA airport on the planet and feel free to take in all the Los Angeles area has to offer. Airport and tower tours are available at the airport as well.

FAA Part 103 Ultra-light Regulations

FAA Part 103 Ultra-light Regulations

ROTOR F/X Special Events VehicleROTOR F/X Special Events DisplayMosquito Show, Event and Exhibition Schedule
Come see a Mosquito kit in person at the following air shows, events or exhibitions. If you know of are are hosting an event in the western US you think the Mosquito should appear at please let us know at
April 29 - May 2nd - Central Sierra Helicopter Meet, Groveland, CA
May 15th-16th - Planes of Fame Air Show, Chino, CA
June 10th-12th - Rotors Over the Rockies, Brigham City Airport, UT
July 24th - American Heroes, Los Angeles, CA
August 21st - 22nd - Wings Over Camarillo Air Show, Camarillo, CA
September 24th-26th - Ken Brock Fly-In, El Mirage, CA
September 24th-26th - Chico Air Show, Chico CA
October 9th-10th - LA 3D, Van Nuys, CA
October 21st-23rd - Copperstate Fly-In, Casa Grande, AZ
Octover 24 - Wings Wheels and Rotors, Los Alamitos, CA

July 11th - American Heroes, Los Angeles, CA
August 22nd-23rd - Camarillo Air Show, Camarillo, CA
August 28th-30th - Chico Air Show, Chico CA
September 19th - EAA Chapter 40 September meeting, Whiteman Airport, CA
September 25th-27th - Ken Brock Fly-In, El Mirage, CA
October 3rd, Apple Valley Air Show, Apple Valley, CA
October 9th-11th - LA 3D, Van Nuys, CA
October 17th - Redlands Fly-In, Redlands CA
October 25th - Wings Wheels and Rotors, Los Alamitos, CA
November 7th - Riverside Flabob Airport, Riverside, CA

*** Sorry, discount and sales can not apply to buyers who reside within other Mosquito dealers exclusive sales territories.


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